Confidence Is the Currency of the Future

By Sebastien Turbot By 2020, more than five million jobs are expected to be lost to robots and artificial intelligence. And in the next two decades, graduates will be going into jobs that don’t yet exist. Anticipating this future, businesses and employers are overhauling their recruitment strategies. Job hopping has replaced the one job, one-employer career, and […]

Hard Realities About The Ease Of Doing Business

Bosnia and Herzegovina By Shankkar Aiyar Doing Business’ is ‘easier’ in Lebanon than in India.As per the rankings it is easier to start a business in Malawi . The only countries doing worse than India in construction permits Afghanistan, war-torn Syria, strafed out Libya, strife-affected Eritrea and crime-and-terror hit Somalia. At the operational day-to-day level ministries […]

¡Vive tus sueños!

By Tania Cuevas Atraes exactamente lo que quieres en tu vida, es una afirmación muy fuerte y casi trillada que escuchamos y leemos tantas veces al día que agota… porque con certeza que ya lo has intentado y no necesariamente te ha funcionado, por lo tanto, pensarás que es falsa. Tu historial de vida refleja […]