We are delighted you’re interested in learning how you can participate in this glorious Global Prosperity and Peace (GPP) Initiative!

Everyone is invited to jump in and help, and TOGETHER we can fulfill the mission “to increase the love, prosperity, and peace on Earth.”

What you can do… 

  1. Watch the video (on the website) “For Such a Time as This” by Dr. Paula Fellingham. Or, click here: (coming soon)
  2. Read the Initiative Overview here:
  3. Help find National Peace Ambassadors (who represent their country and will implement the Master Action Plan – the MAP) and send this letter to potential National Peace Ambassadors: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  4. Send this letter to individuals or organizations who may want to know about this Initiative and who may wish to collaborate with us:
  5. Comment on our Facebook page! CLICK HERE TO GO THERE NOW!
  6. Send us your ideas of how you’d like to be involved. Email
  7. Contact us – any time! Email or call 866.469.6636.

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