Follow your own inner compass – intuition!

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By Lora Tsankova

You are born with everything you need! Why are you loosing constantly in life and business then? Why are you not reaching your ultimate potential? Why are you not succeeding? Why do you feel like a failure? Why are you not living authentic? Why do you pretend to be someone you are not? Why are you making compromises and selling yourself short in life and business?

The answer is pretty simple – you have given away the brilliant, wise magic gift – your intuition to your controlling brain. Now your brain takes the control pretending to make just the right choices. The big question is right for whom exactly? Did you know that brain is naturally created to look for problems to constantly solve? It is a brilliant research center with a lot of information sorted in different folders. However, it is a terrible decision maker. It is fearful and it seeks certainty plus control.

Once you let your mind decide what is good, what is bad, what is right and what is wrong, you have lost the game. You got the ultimate intelligence of the Earth, Universe and God already inside you – however you want to call it. By following your natural compass you can make just the right choices that will make you happy, confident, peaceful and loving life.

What stops you to live in harmony, success and love? It is definitely – your mind – making all the wrong choices, trying to protect you from everything that seems dangerous and uncertain. The mind is constantly worrying, looking for problems to solve and challenges to take on. It is a great, valuable advisor, but terrible decision maker.

When you are ready to use the ultimate potential of your brain, but make decisions based on your ultimate intelligence – your intuition, send me a message, here:

Tell me who you are, what bothers you, what excites you and where do you want to go!

Take care & own right this moment – it is the only one we have for sure!


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