Sensibility, solidarity and Leadership: Are they the needed ingredients to understand cultural differences today?

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By Esther Coronel de Iberkleid

When I listen to the news these days, I wonder: which are the needed ingredients a leader needs, to succeed in a community or a country today.

Is it beneficial to blend them or would it be better not to do it? Are these ingredients needed to understand cultural differences today? What is the value of life of members of a community?

The words “Sensibility, Solidarity and Leadership” came to my mind all together, days ago. I was trying to integrate concepts of “leadership today in the world” while around me I observe so much of the opposite.

I see many people “just and only” thinking of themselves, not interested to listen to other people´s problems: “Enough of what I have” is the “slogan”, “argument” or “motto”. I can understand! Nobody wants more of the same today! So where are “solidarity and support” between us as human beings?

Will they be recognized as valuable if people do not behave using or showing them?

How a group of human beings reacts, is a reflection of how a bigger tribe reacts.

What is going on today around us? Fear is taking control!

We are going through a crisis of values. People are losing day after day their values as a consequence of what they see around. And it is logic!

Which is the definition of each one of these words? Are they connected? Is there a relationship between them?

How can leaders integrate them to bring education, health, wealth and worthiness to the top of their Programs through their campaigns to be heard, seen and valued and then increase votes to be elected as candidates?

Does a true, authentic leader need to know the meaning of “sensibility” and “solidarity” to better integrate them with leadership? Yes absolutely and not just understand their meaning, but also create the best plan and strategy to blend them in the dough of the programs he offers.

People want more credibility; people want to trust again; people want a true and consistent leader to follow. This will develop a new atmosphere around the leader and his tribe along the path of leading the group!

Is it important to have these skills as a leader and there has been a myth regarding the fact “when a leader shows them he is showing his vulnerability and so he is out of the game of leadership faster” This is false, because a true leader shows the road to follow, and how to generate wealth and brings riches to community. He knows he needs support, he knows things have to be developed together with the tribe. He needs to be able to connect with them from his human side.


According to “Sensibility refers to an acute perception of, or responsiveness toward something, such as the emotions of another.” I like this definition because it involves the Word “perception” toward something.

Leaders need to be sensible, a true leader perceives through his senses, he is sensible to understand the needs of the members of his tribe through his senses even without words.

We are today going through so many tough situations and people look so rude and insensible that sensibility seems to be lost. It tends to be seen as a bad thing, it tends to be unnecessary, to be something bad instead of something very useful and even I would say a TOOL to discover deeper issues from members of tribes unable to express feelings and concerns.

Even though sometimes it is a true challenge to connect with other people´s sensibility, other times, it is very easy and simple, like a blessing, even done without words and explanations, simply done!

It is very important to work with a professional in the field to be able to develop the blend according to the culture. Every culture has its own belief system and the language of a tribe, has to be integrated with all these parameters for the leader to be understood.


According to , “Solidarity is unity (as of a group or class) that produces or is based on universities of interests, objectives, standards, and sympathies”.

How many people like something, still do not commit or engage with it? According to my experience, the majority of people show this behavior. Why is it like that? Due to fear, what is causing this fear? The lack of trust is one of the answers, not the only one. As a leader if you want your tribe to like what you offer them, learn how to elicit trust, credibility and understanding continuously. Develop the formula and implement it since this works. People have and want to be reminded all the time. The bond has to be nurtured to remain being live! Like a plant needs water you need to develop the water that will nurture your plant!

As a leader do not be afraid of showing vulnerability, since this is part of being human. Not only you will not lose control of your leadership, indeed you will create a stronger bond, more trust, understanding, connection and sustainability on a long term journey, to show them the road to follow. People want guidance!

They will follow you if you show them the benefits of doing it, from this angle since it is from the emotional senses that people connect and remain connected.

You want them to keep in touch! Integrate these concepts and blend them into your programs.


Leadership is power! Students ask me: are leaders born or are leaders created?

How can I know I am a leader? How will I recognize if I am a true leader?

Leadership for me is part of my own blessing living my life. As a Leader I deliver TOOLS FOR L.I.F.E. to Live Intensely Fully Energized. And I can see and feel the difference when someone gets the TOOLS and feels empowered. His whole life changes!

A leader is someone understanding his purpose, having a vision of it and being able to verbalize his mission. He imprints the magic of passion to everything he does, because without Passion there is no success

True Leaders to respect today know which are the roads to follow to generate opportunities that attract wealth for members of their communities in a sustainable way

Sustainability is fundamental because people know it is not the same if you teach them the how, than if you give them help not having the option to do it by them the next time.

Be proud of the human being you are as a leader. Find the exact purpose behind your leadership, integrate and blend it with your vision and mission and remember to add the most valuable ingredient to the equation: passion to make it sustainable and successful at the same time.

As Maya Angelou said “People may not remember what you tell them still will never forget how you made them feel”

Leaders are here to teach, make impact, make a difference and improve life of members of their tribe

They have to face their deepest phantoms, challenges and tough situations to clear the road, show and share their vision, and deliver their mission with huge passion toward growth and evolution of the members of their tribes.

Leaders understand the value of life, the value of opportunities, the value of sustainability, and they will do whatever it takes to bring all these gifts to make history and be remembered forever as part of history of communities or countries.

They know this, from the beginning of their life, because no matter how long it took for them to be seen, they will be heard and they will make the difference they came to make

Remember to support true leaders because they are here to make your life better and guide you along your life path

With Love Light Gratitude Abundance and Peace for all

TOOLS FOR L.I.F.E. – Live Intensely Fully Energized

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