For Such a Time as This….

Beginning in January, 2017, people in nations worldwide will connect and collaborate to implement a Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative whose mission is to increase the love, prosperity, and peace on Earth.

We believe that….

  • This is the best time in history to introduce this global Initiative.
  • Technological advances have made it possible for nearly everyone to easily access information.
  • People in every nation yearn for peace.
  • There is a rising consciousness worldwide and a growing belief in the hearts of humanity that increased love, prosperity, and peace is possible.
  • People are inherently good and they naturally want to be more loving and peaceful.
  • When enough people in 196 nations learn, apply, and share the Initiative’s lessons and principles, the love, prosperity, and peace in the world will
  • A massive mission requires systems and processes that we have set in place.
  • Success depends on a Master Action Plan. Our “MAP” is the core of our Initiative.
  • Increasing love, prosperity, and peace begins in each individual person’s heart. It requires that we each try to live our best lives; striving to excel in all areas of our lives. Therefore, as the foundation of our Initiative we teach Total Life Excellence. These are 7 comprehensive programs to strengthen people mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, financially, and in all their relationships.
  • Through kind collaborations, mutual commitment to the mission, unity, perseverance and love, our glorious global goal can be reached by 2020.

Yes, this Global Peace Initiative is being developed at an ideal time in history, when nearly all the basic components needed for the realization of this mission are in place.

We are ready…

For Such a Time as This.