Rotarian Docs

Documents for Peace ​Programs in Rotary Clubs

  1. Event Registration Form (Please invite Club members to sign our form so we can send them free educational materials, videos, trainings, etc. CLICK HERE
  2. Dr. Paula Fellingham’s written presentation, “We Can All Increase the Level of Love, Prosperity, and Peace on Earth, Starting Today.” CLICK HERE
  3. Dr. Paula’s Presentation video – CLICK HERE
  4. Dr. Paula’s Powerpoint presentation CLICK HERE
  5. Second Presentation: “Peace is Possible” – written presentation. CLICK HERE
  6. Second Presentation: “Peace is Possible” video  – CLICK HERE
    This is Dr. Paula giving this presentation. Only use this video if you do not have anyone else to give the presentation. Our first choice is to have someone besides Dr. Paula give this presentation.
  7. Second Presentation: “Peace is Possible” – powerpoint presentation. CLICK HERE
  8. Instructions for Choosing Peace Award Recipients (Choose 10 – 20 Awardees; see explanation in letter.) CLICK HERE
  9. Award Recipient Letter from Dr. Paula Fellingham (Be sure all Awardees receive this letter.) CLICK HERE
  10. 2018 Peacemaker Award Certificates. CLICK HERE