6 Tips to Start a Happy Healthy Expat Life

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If you have just moved to Dubai or any other destination (maybe even for the first time as an expat) you might feel overwhelmed with starting your new life there.


As women, we are natural nurturers, we always look after others, our kids, husband, family and friends, and too often we forget that we need to be well taken care of , in order to be able to offer the best care for others. After having the experience of moving 9 countries so far here are some of my top tips when it comes to feeling good in a new country:


1- Be sure to get enough sleep

Even if you are tempted to stay up late browsing through listings of houses and things you want to buy on Dubizzle, or maybe searching for the right Kindergarten for your tot, or connecting with you friends and family back home – resist the urge and try to go to bed by 11pm. Your mind and body will be much better rested and refreshed the next morning.


2- Eat nutritious breakfast

If you’re house-hunting the whole day, and maybe even dealing with a kid or few, who would much rather do something completely different- you will need steady energy. Nutritious breakfast is one of the keys to avoid the ups and downs of blood sugar levels. Examples: Oats or chia seeds soaked in coconut or almond milk overnight in a fridge, topped with fruits and nuts.


3- Stay Hydrated

Start your day with a glass of warm water, add a dash of lemon juice or a teaspoon of organic raw apple cider vinegar. Drink water throughout the day, aim for at least 2 liter, especially during these hot summer weeks. Invest in a good quality stainless steel bottle or glass bottle in a isoprene or silicone protection.


4- Take healthy snacks with you

To avoid buying fast food and sugary drinks on the way set 10 minutes aside before you leave to prepare quick and healthy snack, e.g. Apple or pear slices with almond or peanut butter, rice crackers with guacamole, or carrot, cucumber & bell pepper sticks with hummus.
If you are with kids be sure to take some extra for you!


5- Remember to breathe

Pay attention to your breath, too often when we are tensed and stressed we hold the breath or breath not using the full capacity of our lungs. Whenever you feel overwhelmed with the situation take a deep breath, hold for few seconds and breath out slowly counting to 8. Do this for 4-6 rounds and notice how you are getting calmer almost immediately.


6- Feel the gratitude

It is easy to fall into a spiral of negativity in an unfamiliar situation- whenever you catch yourself complaining and comparing your new country/city/home/environment/ people with the one you left behind-make a stop and find something you can be grateful about. By focusing on positive, more positive will come your way.


With this mindset you’re on a sure way to creating your happy and healthy expat life!

Source: http://www.happyhealthyexpat.com/blog/

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