The mission of the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative (GPPI) is
“to increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace on Earth.”


As a GPPI Project, the mission of the International Youth Parliament (IYP) is similar:

“To increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace on Earth through education and
benevolent leadership, with solutions generated and promoted by youth from every nation.”


  • In October, 2018, the International Youth Parliament (IYP), a Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative Project, was created in Agadir, Morocco, by Najat Anwar and Kamal Moummad (GPPI Elite International Peace Ambassador and GPPI Regional Director of the Greater Middle East, respectively) with support by Paula Fellingham, Founder/Director of the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative.
  • GPPI leaders and the IYP Senior Board of Directors will invite four qualified youth, ages 18 – 28 (two young men and two young women) from every nation recognized by the United Nations (196 nations) to be voting members of the International Youth Parliament. IYP Ambassadors will volunteer in their positions for a maximum of 3 years. IYP Ambassadors must retire when they reach the age of 29, whether or not they’ve served for 3 years.
  • Additional youth (ages 14 – 34) from every country may be IYP Participants when they meet the qualification requirements and pay the annual participant fee. IYP Participants can possibly become IYP Ambassadors. IYP Participants will receive the same excellent leadership training and mentoring as IYP Ambassadors and, when they meet the requirements, they will be able to attend all International Youth Parliament Sessions and Conferences as Participants, not as voting Ambassadors.
  • The purpose and focus of the International Youth Parliament is twofold:
    • First, to teach leadership skills and prepare the youth in every nation to be excellent, benevolent leaders.
    • Second, to share with the world outstanding (approved by vote) youth-created prevention strategies and solutions for local, regional, national, and international problems.
  • International Youth Parliament Ambassadors and Participants will connect at online IYP monthly meetings, facilitated by Senior and Youth leaders. Additionally, they will meet twice each year at live events: one regional event and one international event.
  • IYP Ambassador and Participant Qualifications
  • A desire to help fulfill the International Youth Parliament’s mission “to increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace on Earth through education and benevolent leadership, with solutions generated and promoted by youth from every nation.”
  • A love and respect for God’s children of all nations, cultures, beliefs, and religions.
  • An enthusiastic desire to discover, create, and promote solutions for today’s problems.
  • A willingness to collaborate with those who are aligned with our mission.
  • A willingness to learn from adults and other youth, to engage in productive discussions, and to contribute solutions.
  • A willingness to share IYP solutions with the media, etc. as needed (not mandatory; not all IYP Ambassadors will be spokespersons).
  • The ability to pay the required costs to be an IYP Ambassador or IYP Participant.
  • For IYP Ambassadors only: An agreement to attend all monthly, regional, and annual meetings and events, unless an emergency prevents attendance. (IYP Participants are not required to attend all meetings and events.)
  • A willingness to always represent the International Youth Parliament in ways that reflect well on the IYP and GPPI.
  • An agreement that if IYP Ambassadors and IYP Participants are out of compliance with any of the qualifications and requirements, they will be removed from their positions after being given two warnings/opportunities to return to compliance with the rules.
  • Selected IYP Ambassadors will have the opportunity to share the ideas, suggestions, strategies, and solutions that have been approved (through a consensus vote) with:
    • Online social media and blogs
    • Press releases (online and hard copy)
    • Newspapers, magazines
    • Local, regional, national radio interviews
    • Local, regional, national television interviews
    • Live events
    • Local, national, and international adult parliaments/organizations/businesses
    • Conversations with influential people worldwide
    • Possible attendance at local, regional, national, and/or international meetings with influential leaders in nations worldwide
    • Families of all IYP Ambassadors and IYP Participants will be responsible for all costs (travel, etc.) related to these positions of honor.
    • There will be an annual Participation Fee for all IYP Ambassadors and IYP Participants (the fee for both positions will be the same). This fee will cover the costs of all IYP Courses and materials that each IYP Ambassador and Participant will receive, and all IYP Leadership Training and Mentoring for one full year. It does not include the costs for the International Youth Parliament Sessions and Conferences (travel, accommodations, security).
    • The IYP will have both a Senior Board of Directors and a Youth Board of Directors. Four youth (two young men and two young women) will be chosen from each of the eight regions of the world to serve on the YBA and YBD (32 youth).
    • The 32 youth on the Youth Board of Directors will vote. Likewise, the Senior Board of Directors also vote and make final decisions after hearing and discussing input from the Youth Board of Directors.


  • The Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative (GPPI) was launched at the World Parliament on Spirituality on November 17 – 20, 2016, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.  Participants, speakers, and performers from 72 nations attended the official launch of this Global Initiative.
  • This Initiative offers education-based solutions for 11 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. ( – see video on the homepage)
  • Our trainings, courses, programs, books, modules (online and offline) are all focused on strengthening participants (especially youth) in every area of their lives: mentally; physically, emotionally; socially; spiritually (all inclusive); financially; and in all their relationships. All of the programs together are called Total Life Excellence. Courses and lessons will be translated and customized, then taught live and online in collaboration with local leaders, individuals, organizations, businesses, schools, and parents in every nation. Curriculum includes self-development courses, value lessons and peace-building activities for youth and families, resources to help reduce conflict in workplaces, modules on how to start and grow businesses, and much more.
  • The GPPI Youth Programs will help further our mission by teaching leadership, confidence, integrity, entrepreneurship and many character-strengthening values to youth worldwide. One of our primary strategies is to empower youth to prevent and help resolve social issues such as bullying, inclusivity, drug abuse, and suicide and to help them become tomorrow’s leaders and successful businessmen and women who understand individual and social responsibility. In collaboration with youth-strengthening local programs (in the U.S. and nations worldwide) we produce curriculum (courses, trainings) documentaries, short films and events. We spotlight challenges youth face today and we provide value-based solutions.
  • Currently, GPPI Peace Lessons are being presented in homes and schools worldwide, in four languages (English, Arabic, French, Spanish). The Peace Lessons are free and downloadable from our website. (See – Peace Lessons)
  • The Women of the Middle East Network (W.O.M.E.N.) was officially launched in January, 2018, in Israel. This education-based organization, which is part of GPPI, has the same mission. Women from Israel, Palestine, and Jordan are the first to participate. (
  • Our teams are well organized. Regional Directors, Peace Ambassadors, National Peace Ambassadors, and other participants help implement the Initiative. Hundreds of volunteers worldwide are currently participating with GPPI. We stay connected using Zoom video calls, emails, Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • On (and around) International Peace Day, Sept 21, we present Prosperity and Peace Summits in many nations. Our National Peace Ambassadors collaborate with organizations and individuals to present annual Summits where we educate, celebrate progress, and set new goals.
  • In 2017, our Peace Ambassadors and National Peace Ambassadors in 80+ nations presented nearly 100 Peace Summits. We invite you to visit our website: and watch our video.

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