The mission of the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative is “to increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace on Earth.”

The Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative Team invites you to participate and collaborate with us as we unite and lift up our voices in the cause of peace.

Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative

This historic Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative is unique because it comes with a PEACE MAP (Master Action Plan) that will be implemented by Peace Ambassadors from 196 nations, now living now in America. They will collaborate with thousands of individuals and organizations in in their native countries.

Global Peace Summits will be held annually in every nation for accountability and acknowledgement. Online education, forums and social media will connect participants worldwide as this Global Peace Initiative grows.


Peace M.A.P.

A Master Action Plan for Peace (Peace MAP) will be finalized after the

World Parliament on Spirituality and then implemented by Peace Ambassadors and National Peace Ambassadors worldwide.

They will collaborate with embassies, local leaders, organizations, businesses, schools, parents, etc.

The Peace MAP will include historical data on how peaceful nations behave; past peace solutions that have worked; and other information that can significantly improve economic and political peace.

Additionally, the Peace MAP will include such things as easy-to-understand value lessons for children, information for increased cooperation and respect in the workplace, uplifting literature, art, music from each culture, etc. This content will also be accessible on mobile devices.