Learn more about our Global Peace Initiative and how you can get involved in your community or country.

What would the world be like if, in the hearts and homes of humanity, there was an abundance of love, prosperity, and peace?

Our mission is “to increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace on Earth.”
  • The Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative was launched at the magnificent Second World Parliament on Spirituality on November 17 – 20, 2016, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.  Participants, speakers, and performers from 72 nations attended the official launch of this Global Initiative.
  • A Master Action Plan (a Prosperity and Peace MAP) will be implemented in 196 nations. The MAP has, as its foundation, curriculum to help people in every area of their lives, titled “Total Life Excellence”. It includes Prosperity and Peace Training courses, modules and materials to be taught live and online in collaboration with individuals, local leaders, organizations, businesses, schools, and parents in every nation. The Peace MAP will include self-development courses, value lessons and peace-building activities for families, curriculum to help reduce conflict in workplaces, courses on how to start and grow businesses, uplifting literature, art, music from each culture, etc. All content will be accessible on mobile devices.
  • Our teams are well organized. Regional Directors, Peace Ambassadors, National Peace Ambassadors, and other team members are being chosen from 196 nations to help implement the Initiative. Over 300 volunteers worldwide are currently serving on our teams. We stay connected using online forums, video calls, emails, webinars, and social media.
  • On International Peace Day, Sept 21, 2017, we will present Prosperity and Peace Summits in 196 nations.  Our in-country National Peace Ambassadors are collaborating with many others to present annual Summits to educate, celebrate progress, and set new goals.
  • There are measurements in place to quantify our progressA Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative Study, prepared by experienced statisticians, will be used to regularly measure our progress re: increasing the prosperity and peace in each nation.


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"I was so happy to get such opportunity and my community to celebrate the international peace event. The day was like the peace came to South Sudan, because people were laughing and smiling, our face shine with peace, love, joy and others, we share the little food in love and elders and politicians greet each other in love, we were lacking the day of love in South Sudan, because we were born in war and grow up with that hatred, but this day it is like entering to the new life. Thanks and looking forward."

Othow Okoti, National Peace Ambassador, South Sudan

"I am​ Amal Shams from Rotary ​C​lub of Chouf ( Mount Lebanon)​.​ I was so lucky to attend a joint meeting with Rotary Club of Beirut Center​... I was so lucky to hear your presentation​. You are a great representative to peace, love and care​. Your words, your voice and your actions are what we need in these difficult days.​ ​I wish I'll be able to meet you one day.​"

Amal Shams, Rotary Attendee, Lebanon

"Being an Oregon Ambassador for the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative has given me the opportunity to connect with and surround myself with people whose approach to life is at a much higher, more grace-filled and positive level than average. It's given ​me​ the opportunity to get more involved in causes that matter to me. And, because I am surrounded by these amazing individuals within my own community, it's given me the courage to stretch my own wings, do things I haven't done before, and raise my voice for the sake of people and causes that need change. As a Regional Director, I'm able to support and touch lives I would never have had contact with before. It makes the worlds' issues feel more real, more personal, and closer to home. Being a part of GPPI makes the world a smaller place, makes my family feel bigger, and inspires me to be more involved in creating a world that can work for all." ​ ​

Lori Anne Rising, ​GPPI ​Regional Director, USA

I felt I am so lucky to arrange an event about Peace Day in Pakistan . I was so happy to get such opportunity and my community to celebrate the international peace event; we feel that peace is very important for today’s world. We have seen happiness and smiles on the faces of participants, As Pakistani People are facing lot of Challenges in everyday life. We also share the little food in love with all participants. ... We were so happy to hear your presentation and share with other Peace Ambassadors. You are a great representative to peace, love and care towards humanity... Your work towards Humanity is really very admirable; this is what we need in these days to build peace around our community and world, We believe that God has chosen you to invite all people from different societies and communities and countries to be one with heart, mind for one purpose. We hope we’ll be able to meet you one day in person.

Patras Dewan, Pakistan

​"I am delighted to be part of this big effort and ​Initiative. Dr. Paula's leadership and passion made all this possible. Thank you for the opportunity. I´m sure that events next year will be held with more and more people​, touching ​even more lives​ and changing for ​the ​better a lot of brothers and sisters around the globe. We are ready. ​T​he moment is now! Thanks Paula!​"

Jorge Cuesta, National Peace Ambassador, Monterrey, Mexico​

“Las instituciones son las que sostienen la identidad, tradición, cultura y educación de las naciones. Éstas pueden activar cambios en función de la felicidad y hacer recobrar la alegría y la confianza en quienes la han perdido”, agregó. “Cuando tengamos instituciones que impulsen el buen trato, el bienestar, la felicidad, el respeto, la empatía, tendremos todo. Las acciones pequeñas llevan a grandes acciones, tu acción y la mía pueden ser el primer ladrillo para la construcción de un mundo mejor que nos haga caminar en un verdadero estado de Paz”, señaló Claudio Ortega.

Señaló Claudio Ortega