TRUST in Entrepreneurship

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By Laura Bacci, PCC CPCC

Be the hardest-working person you can be. That’s how you separate yourself from the competition”- Stephen Curry, athlete.

I stumbled across this Quote of the Day in Forbes when I was browsing around on my computer this morning.

I had been thinking about “what is it like to be an entrepreneur?” and “what does trust mean for me?” since I made my first cup of coffee earlier today.

Suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle came together.

Having trust in yourself, your skills, your education, your talent, your ideas, your dreams is one of the hardest things in entrepreneurship. Starting your own business and believing in it whilst you are riding the rollercoaster of “It all starts and ends with me” can make you dizzy. Can make you sweat. Can make you throw up.

You carry on your shoulders the rock of responsibility, especially if you are the main breadwinner at home and your family depends on you.

Some days you float by, and others you just try to keep your head above the water. But the key to it all is to keep working hard, keep your head high, and keep going.

And then Piet Hein’s quote that I hate so much and that is so exasperatingly true comes to mind: “Things Take Time”.

You’ve guessed it, I’m one of the impatient people who like achieving results; fast. Maybe that’s part of my character or a behavior that I learnt in my past corporate life.

Funny that when you start pulling the word “TRUST” apart it can also be an acronym for:

The Real U– you Says “Takeoff”!

Take the initiative, work hard for what you think is right, hold onto your dreams and let go of the fear of failure.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, you run your own business or a department in a company (that encourages people to take responsibility). Stretch yourself and keep working hard. Have a personality, an opinion, and express yourself.

One day at a time, holding onto what your gut feeling tells you is the right way to go, the right service to provide, the right product to make, the right solution for each individual customer.

Trust yourself and your business, your team, your career, and you will eventually takeoff.

Easier said than done, but worth believing in!

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