of personal development
and discovery designed
specifically for YOUNG PEOPLE.

Our Mission is to ensure that young people leave education and other programs
with high self-worth and a core inner confidence, knowing who they are and what
they offer to the world, with a clear direction for their future and a vision for how
they can make a difference to relationships and in the world around them.

Why Ignition!

SADLY, IN MANY CASES the reality is that young people are experiencing low confidence and poor self-worth, struggling to know who they really are and settling for second best. Of course, there are numerous reasons for this – including the challenges of bullying, peer pressure, disability, being in care or feeling judged by others – and the fallout can be devastating. Symptoms range from depression, anxiety, and isolation and to frustration, anger and self-harm. If not addressed, these feelings and behaviours are taken forward in life, spilling over into relationships and workplaces.

As if that wasn’t enough, young people are also required to choose subjects at school, options for further education and make decisions on apprenticeships, jobs and careers. If they cannot see their own worth or appreciate their own talents it is hard for them to recognise and express what they are good at; and even harder for them to shine.

That’s why we teach young people how to identify and build on their natural gifts and strengths; appreciating why these are crucial to a fulfilling and rewarding life where they can be proud of who they are.

Ignition! ensures that young people know it matters not where your life began nor where you are right now. What matters is that you discover who you are. Not your name or your labels but who you really are; identifying what you are natural gifted and talented at – acknowledging what you are not so talented at – and discovering the fuel that gives your life energy and meaning.

We were all made individual, different and unique and yet it’s so easy to compare ourselves to other people, find ourselves falling short of the mark and then beat ourselves up because we are not as good as someone else!

Journey for Young People

THE JOURNEY BEGINS with the young person engaging with an Ignition! Travel Guide.

This can be a coach, trainer or teacher. The Departure Date is then set. Before they can start their journey, the Traveller (young person) goes to the Online Check-in to complete a short quiz which will give them their Boarding Pass.

The Boarding Pass is a 2-page document which shows them their best personal mix of Fuel, i.e. activities that will give them the energy to live their lives in the happiest, most fulfilled way and allow them to reach their full potential. It also tells them in brief how they are likely to show up in the world, what they are naturally talented at, what will challenge them, what they will find easy and what they might find hard.

It is the start of a conversation to discover if this who they really are and explore the insights and questions raised as the young person takes the information in.

As soon as their journey begins, the young person is issued with their Passport, a series of workbooks that take them through a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Their journey destinations include identity, values, leadership, learning strategies, communication skills, beliefs, goal setting, empowering questions and career direction. Each module designed to boost confidence, increase self-worth, build resilience and guide our young people to stand in their greatness.