3 Small Ways to Bring Change to the World

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By Wahab Qatae – Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Founder of Afghanistan TOEFL Center (ATC)

You are not allowed to leave the world not having brought any change into it.

I believe that every human being should take the lead and do something for this world. When I say SOMETHING, it doesn’t mean building a charity organization or giving a thousand dollars to someone. Of course, if you can do the previous two things, do it! But, never feel like you can’t do something for the world with the empty pocket. Being financially broke is okay for a while, but being emotionally poor is never okay. You always can do something for others. It could be a small smile that you cause in someone’s lips.

It would become ideal if you make it one of your goals and work for it everyday. Serving others without any anticipation can give you the rare feeling that you won’t be able to find in anything else.

Keep helping others but don’t expect them to do it back for you because you actually deal like in a give and take business when you expect others to do good for you if you have done good for them.

There are three free, small, and most effective things that you can do for others.

1. Listen to them carefully when they talk.

According to Tony Robbins, the most popular life strategist, feeling significant is the most essential emotional need of a human. When you listen to people carefully when they talk, the feel significant. As soon as they feel significant, their self esteem will improve which in result they will feel better. It also affects their self confidence and they feel like they can attract people with their words and get people listen to them. Moreover, studies show that when people talk about their problems to their trustworthy friends, a lot of stresses are removed. In brief, you can actually give a big hand to people when you become all ears to someone.

2. Smile before anything else when you meet someone.

It has been a wonderful experience for me to smile as soon as I wake up everyday. It makes my day. I feel more energetic and optimist. Nowadays, almost everyone has heard about positive and negative energies which are spread by humans. If you think that something good should happen so that you smile. THAT’S WRONG! Change it. Once you start smiling, good things will happen. Like attracts like. The more positive you become, the more positive conditions will be attracted to your life. When you smile at others, the same thing happens. They feel attractive and positive. It also decreases the stress. In today’s world where there is stress everywhere, you’ll help a lot if you create a good and relax feeling inside someone by a small genuine smile.

3. Thank them for no reason. (This might look weired, but once you do it, you’ll see its magical impact.)

When I first train my trainees in my seminars about thankfulness, they become amazed. Some of my trainees call it the MAGIC. It really works magically. When you thank someone, he becomes willing to do more to receive the same thank and feel the same feeling. If you want to change negative people, start thanking for the small positive things that they do. At first, they might not show interest, but they will start doing more positive that receive the same thank.

In short, decide to embrace the above behaviors and make them part of your personality by practicing them a lot. Once someone said,”Practice brings magic.” Once you practice them a lot, your subconscious will take care of them and they will become your habits.

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